What You Should Look For in a Rental Agreement

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Entering into Rental Agreements can be long and complex if you do not know what you are looking for. Every Rental Agreement is broken down into different sections explaining your responsibilities as the Lessee, and the responsibilities of the Lessor. Whether you are renting from a Property Management company or from a private homeowner there are a lot of things that the potential Lessee should be looking for.

A large part of the maintenance of the property is completed by the home owner. This could be including but not limited to any major appliances, the main structure of the home, the roof, heating system, electrical and plumbing. However, minor maintenance of the property is usually left up to the Lessee. These responsibilities are listed on the rental agreement and can include maintaining the lawn, replacing the air filters, replacing batteries in all co2 and fire detectors, and general cleanliness of the property.

Reading the move out instructions is also very important. All renters will be responsible for completing a small list of items when vacating the property. If the Leese has any questions about the move out instructions or any items on the rental agreement they should be addressed before signing the Lease! Also, if you have or plan on getting a pet be sure to check all pet policies in the Agreement to make sure you know your responsibilities and deposits. Consulting a local Realtor can also be very helpful if the potential renter is having any trouble understanding the rental process, or the agreement.

As with any contract be sure to read the entire agreement and again ask any questions before signing. Also be sure to obtain your copy of the signed agreement, and proof read to make sure that all information including dates and names are correct. Once the Agreement is signed and approved by the property manager or home owner the renter is ready to begin the move in process.

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What You Should Look For in a Rental Agreement

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This article was published on 2010/03/31