Basic Strength Of A Prenuptial Agreement

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Concerning the tradition of nuptials or marriage, couple would take part in marriage as a result of mutual feelings, they love one another, want to have children and family, with no conversation of properties, instead, love, sharing and understanding. After a while, couple encounter problems, trials, financial uncertainty so they would find themselves being counseled due this reason. That's the reason why these days people would embrace the prenuptial agreement. It's only been practiced fairly recently but it's actually already been implemented since 1916.

A prenuptial agreement is a contract or agreement created by a couple prior to marriage. The agreement carries procedures such as splitting of property and spousal support in the case of divorce or breakup of marriage. There are many reasons why people go for this specific relationship, some are to keep their wealth in the family, financial reasons, inheritance, literally business etc. What are the advantages and down sides? Is it truly the answer to have a productive wedded life? The advantages are less attorney's fees, coverage for the wealth of the first children, security of family, this agreement could be made either in a marriage or before or immediately after anticipation of separation, and gives heirloom and business security against creditor. Although the down sides, there is unsecure child support, and eradication of alimony (in a few states).

However some prenuptial agreements are successful we cannot avoid the reality that a few agreements still fail and lead to a divorce. Psychologically it has an impact on children, stressful and painful influence on the part of a child. Being an adult, a couple must think about the opinion, feelings of these children. Being married is not only a satisfaction of the flesh but many sacrifices, accountability, and training their children on how to be a good person. A Wiseman says, marriage is compared to dancing a “Tango”, which will take “two to tango”. (it will require two persons to dance the tango, and without the cooperation of the two parties the dance will not be effective”.)

A few results of unsuccessful prenuptial agreement: a child will always get involved in troubles, drugs, many vices, they are in search of satisfaction in those, and some are into illegal transaction; these are the results of such. Based on study these are the types of prenuptial agreement: 1. A financial agreement utilized to handle couples' financial inequalities; 2. Financial agreement made during a marriage - this can be before or after separation and even during a marriage; 3. A financial agreement that's made soon after divorce has been ordered.

And with regards to de facto relationships: 1. A financial agreement utilized when couples are looking forward to a de facto relationship; 2. Financial agreement made within a de facto relationship; 3. Financial agreement made soon after de facto relationships comes to an end.

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Basic Strength Of A Prenuptial Agreement

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This article was published on 2012/05/25
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